Most Common Mistakes When Buying a Television Home Theatre

Watching your favorite horror movie with friends.

Watching your favorite football team win.

Playing your favorite video game with a best friend.

All these and many other events become much more enthralling when you experience it on television home theatre. The atmosphere at once becomes very captivating. The bright screen glares at you with all its might and the loudspeakers do justice with your ears. The fun actually doubles!

Sadly, most of the people do blunders when buying a television home theatre. They don’t realize that their slight lack of attention can lead to huge mistakes. Let’s find out what those mistakes are which you definitely need to avoid.

  1. Not buying the TV with respect to the size of your room: Give yourself time to analyze the size of your room where you want the television home theatre to be installed. These days people want huge screens to sit in their lounges. Having big screens is not the goal here. If you buy a 55 inch TV then your sitting distance should be 6 feet from the screen. In the case of sitting closer, your eyesight will be affected. Moreover, the size of the television should not be too small as well. This will give you a pathetic visual experience and you have to sit really close.
  2. Not taking care of the floor-length windows: You should know that a television home theatre requires a room with the minimum light source. There is no need to install a theatre system to make your already posh living area with floor-length windows because that would be utterly useless. Choose a room with the smallest windows or thick curtains and dim lights.
  3. Not buying the correct sound system: Go for the quality, please. Most of the people spend a lot of money on woofers, sub-woofers, and loudspeakers with latest features but they are not tried and tested. It is okay to spend less but get a modest set of speakers. They are available in varying shapes and sizes. For large rooms standing speakers while for small rooms cube, spherical, bracket and shelf speakers are appropriate. Also consider the overall set-up of your sound system and set it up best as per your specific requirements
  4. Inaccurate mounting of TV: Nobody wants a messy experience of watching theatre. The unattractive wires dangling give an unpleasant look. You can ask technical experts to skillfully hide the wires. Apart from wires, proper hardware and brackets are used for mounting a TV.
  5. Ignoring the user manual: I know everything. I can do it myself. Directions are for the fools. Avoid being an expert yourself. Carefully read the manual more than once. Otherwise, you will jump into the components and make a mess. You don’t want to waste your money with your silliness. Most of the people don’t bother reading the manual. After they get tired wrestling with a component then the consult the manual where everything is written clearly.
  6. Being brand conscious: We know you want to show off in front of your friends and family with the brand name but don’t follow a brand blindly. They also have corrupted components in them. Use your mind and follow your budget.


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