OB8 The original Outbacker mobile antenna 75M - 10M + WARC, 300W, 67” tall $319.00
OB8500HP Same as above with 500W rating $329.00
OB8-Split Same as OB8 but splits into two 3’ sections for easy transport $329.00
OB8-TriSplit Same as OB8 but splits into three 2’ sections for ultimate portability $339.00
Perth 75M - 10M + WARC, 150 W, 83” tall Top performance for HF mobile $329.00
Perth Plus 75M - 2M + WARC, 150W, 72” tall Our most popular model $329.00
Stealth Plus 75M - 2M + WARC, 100W, 36” tall Low profile, amazing performance ! $319.00
OBM Marine 75M, 40M, 20M, 17M, 10M + ITU Marine HF SSB, 300W, 67” tall $449.00
Outpost This tripod works with all Outbacker models and most other HF mobile antennas. It comes with a standard SO-239 to 3/8 X 24 adapter.
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Outreach 160M - 10M + WARC, 150W, 11’ 9’ tall, perfect match to our Outpost Tripod for base or portable operation $419.00
Outreach 500 75M - 6M + WARC, 500W, 11’ 9” tall, perfect for higher power applications with our Outpost Tripod for base or portable operations $449.00
Joey QRP 5M - 2M +WARC, 20W, 49” tall collapses to 30” Perfect backpack antenna for QRP operations from virtually anywhere. Terminated in a PL-259 and includes a right angle adapter and 16.5’ counterpoise for use directly on the back of most $299.00
OBSB Mount The Outbacker Spring & Base is the “Ultimate” heavy duty antenna mount. Large zinc plated steel spring with standard 3/8 X 24 threaded hole Base has integral SO-239 connector Mounting hardware included $129.00