Product Description

OUTBACKER 8 6 ft. 300 watts P.E.P. 8 Bands 75-10m. Perfect for the condo. Model # OB8
OUTPOST This tripod works with all Outbacker models and most other HF mobile antennas. It comes with a standard SO-239 to 3/8 X 24 adapter.
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OUTREACH 160-10M + WARC 300W PEP 9 Ft
STEALTH 4 ft., 150 watts P.E.P. 8 Bands 75-10m PLUS 6 meters and 2 meters. Model # ST PLUS
SPRING BASE Has standard 3/8-24 threads. The spring is made of zinc plated steel. The base is nickel-plated machined brass with a 50-239 female connector. Requires 112 inch hole for mounting. Model # ORSB


When properly installed the various models of the Outbacker Mobile Series provide truly outstanding performance with extreme versatility.

All Outbacker models are designed for severe weather and mobile vibration applications and offer years of trouble free service.

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